Natalya Tronic, CPI

Pilates and Redcord Active

Natalya’s Pilates journey started when a dear friend challenged her to take a reformer class. She left the class feeling energized and craving more. A year into this regimen and her chronic lower back pain resulted from an old injury was gone.


Natalya was lucky to meet some talented instructors who inspired her to become one of them. She completed a comprehensive teacher training under close supervision of Diane Severino and Kathryn Hunt and got exposure to both Fletcher and BASI methods. Natalya decided to leave her successful career in business analytics to become a Pilates instructor.

She believes that everybody can benefit from Pilates, its methodology can challenge a professional athlete or help an injured person, Pilates method is versatile enough to make your workouts fun and the results are noticeable rather quickly. She is happy to share her gained passion for health, physical fitness and mindfulness.