Pilates Studio Policies

Our team is moving forward gradually and with caution while staying abreast of current CDC recommendations, and state/local mandates.


If and when there are updates that affect the functioning and safety protocols of Symmetry, we will notify you via phone if you are scheduled for a Pilates class or private Pilates session.

Current Procedures

  • Our studio is now a shoe free environment. We ask that you remove your shoes upon entering. A shelf is provided at the entrance to store your shoes.

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance.

  • If you have ANY symptoms of illness or have been exposed to someone who is known to be ill or exhibiting symptoms, please notify us and do not attend sessions.
    **You will not be late charged.

What to Bring

  • First and foremost, we are here to facilitate strength and wellbeing. Bring your amazing energy and a readiness to focus on your personal goals!

  • Travel light! Minimal personal items - may be stored at each reformer.

  • Mask - We follow requirements per current LA County mask mandate.

  • Sticky socks! We will no longer use sticky pads during standing work on the reformers. toesoxs.com is a great resource.

  • Towel

  • Water Bottle

Studio Environment - Supportive, Positive, Uplifting!

  • The studio will be equipped with IQ Air purifiers for improved air quality. Learn more at: https://www.iqair.com/us/

  • Instructors and staff will wear face coverings per current LA County mandate, follow hand washing, equipment and frequent touch point sanitization protocols to maintain a clean environment.

  • Studio reformers and equipment will be sanitized daily with HOCL fogging. HOCL is a strong bactericide and viricidal agent, yet non-toxic to humans.

  • Each reformer bed and foot bar will be covered with a custom non-porous cover that can tolerate more aggressive sanitization methods. These covers will be changed and replaced with a clean cover after each use.

  • We have removed all porous equipment from the studio, primarily fuzzies and pillows. These items have been replaced with non-porous items that can be properly sanitized. You are welcome to bring your own loops to use for classes or privates. BalancedBody.com is a great resource.

  • The studio equipment has been rearranged to allow for a generous amount of physical distance capability well above the state mandated 6 ft minimum.

As always, please be mindful to respect the thoughts and feelings of others. While some will see the above protocols as extreme, others may not see it as not enough.

Ultimately, our team is committed to following all state guidelines, and to supporting your personal choice in regards to PPE and safety protocols within those guidelines.