Redcord® Medical

NEURAC (NEURomuscular-ACtivation) is an assessment and treatment method that utilizes the Redcord® equipment and one’s own body weight to restore proper neuromuscular control and functional stability.

The Redcord system consists of multiple adjustable ropes that are suspended over a treatment table (or exercise mat), as well as handles and bungees that attach to these ropes and wide slings for support.

An initial Redcord session consists of “weak link” testing which identifies weak links in the anatomical chain produced by trauma, overuse, or inactivity that cause pain and inefficient movement.

Redcord is a suspension treatment and exercise system, which makes it impossible to cheat or compensate for a weak link while being tested.


Once the patient’s weak links are identified, strengthening exercises are performed beginning with the weakest link first.


This unique approach is like pressing control-alt-delete on your computer–it literally reboots your neuromuscular system to recruit muscles in the proper sequence.

Redcord medical is appropriate for individuals of all levels of function, from post-operative orthopedic rehab to those who want to take their sports performance to the next level.


The slings and bungees allow for pain free participation. In fact, part of the Redcord criteria is that all movements must be pain free!

Redcord is now available in over 40 countries around the world as a proven system to facilitate physical therapy, rehabilitation, wellness, fitness, and sports performance.


Olympic and professional athletes are training with Redcord on a daily basis for an ultimate program of core strengthening, athletic conditioning, and injury prevention.

Symmetry Physical Therapy & Wellness is one of only a handful of wellness centers offering Redcord to it’s clients. Most people notice a difference after just one session!


Curious to know what your weakest link is and what it feels like to re-wire your body for efficient movement?